Episode 2 – Black Christmas (2006)

For a second week in a row, the Rant Reviews crew takes on an attempted remake of a classic horror in Black Christmas (2006)

The original Black Christmas became a cult classic after its released, heavily influencing the Halloween series and slasher flicks in general. The Canadian made Bob Clark original explored new territory in both story and film making techniques. The remake explored new territory in vapid characters and over the top gore.

Once again, Ali, Jason, Christa and I agree – Glen Morgan butchered his source material worse than the weird yellow psychopath in his movies butchered the sorority girls in the film.

Oh, and before I forget, for the next few weeks we will continue to produce an episode a week as per our current schedule. We want to get a good base of content for you all to sink your teeth in to. After that, we’ll be moving to a bi-weekly schedule for producing these reviews. Why? Well, we all have jobs and hosting aint cheap.

Don’t be so demanding.

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